The Writer

” My heart is inditing a good matter:

I speak of the things that I have made touching the king:

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Psalm 45:1



Have you ever heard something that at first sounded pretty good,and you thought to yourself hmm… Yea I can believe that, and so you do…

Until one day you stumble on the truth!

That is exactly what happened to me one day as I was be-boppin down my hallway feeling pretty good about where I was spiritually speaking.


I heard what I knew in my Spirit was the voice of Adonai even while my flesh was hurling reasoning’s of my mind in rapid succession in an apparent attempt to confuse me! After all that’s the enemies go to. What I heard was yet more undiscovered truth, but that was soon to change as you too will discover in the pages of this message. Hence, my reason for being born!

If I  ever chose to write about my life it would read more like a Soap Opera than anything else!
Surely we have all been through life’s ups and downs, but one thing remains constant, and that is God’s amazing love for us, and His constant care, because after all, we really need it!
 I have been in full-time ministry since 2002 when God called me to begin Glory Train Ministries.

As I began walking in my calling of Intercession (for lost churches) Yes, I said lost, my reactionsad as  God began to lead me by His Spirit, and after several years of doing what I thought was right, He pulled me back from the main stream, to take me to a much deeper place. In that place I first learned many things about myself, most of which were not pretty, then God began to show me things from His perspective about not only myself but the body of Yeshua ( Jesus) today.

Through a ten-year process allowed me to experience and witness things within the confines & lives of the church that would rock most people to the core.  This is God’s plan for me, and this is how the book “Arise Sleeping Giant” came into being.
This is not an easy ministry, but one that is much-needed and required by God Himself today, as He set forth the order of the Church.
 I have several more very shocking Books coming up. Anytime God speaks, He means what He say’s!

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