Why You Are Loved Above All!


I want to share with you today some food for thought as most people are celebrating this day of love with all sorts of things like candies, flowers,balloons, and so on…
I wanted to share with you how much you are loved by our Creator!

have you ever wondered why Mankind is cherished above all other creations? So much so that even the Angels marvel at how much mankind is loved by our Creator.

Remember that they were present during creation having already been created, and they witnessed the eviction of “Lucifer” and 1/3 of the angels who followed him.

They are very much aware and understand the Creators power and authority; yet they marvel at the length He has gone through to protect and save us from the Adversary through salvation. 1 Pet 1:12

His word tells us why, and it is elementary but so often overlooked.

Through Gen. 1 we see how our Creator, created everything by speaking it into existence.
The Moon, Sun and Stars, the Seas all given their boundaries & orders through His command; He created all animals, plants and every living thing by speaking it into existence.

But watch this, In Gen. 2 we read what is most often overlooked but ever so powerful!

When God created Adam (mankind) it says that the Creator took the dust from the ground (the clay in the potters hand) and He breathed his breath of life ( His Spirit) into his nostrils and he became alive!

So, Man (Adam) is and was the only creation to be formed and the only creation to receive the very breath or Spirit of Elohim the Creator, therefore being created in His image!

How much more can we be chosen, set apart and loved, to be created in His image an have His very Spirit breathed into our being!

I hope this will stay with you forever, and remind you of how much you are loved by our Creator and why he would go to such lengths to save us!
Let this be in your thoughts today and forever and as you celebrate love, that you are loved, cherished, honored, and set apart by our Creator over every other creation to receive His Spirit!


” If you have a Pulse, you have a Purpose, find out what it is and you will be happy!”

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How many times have we heard the age old adage
” Don’t judge me, only God can judge me!”
Matthew 7:1
Has to be without a doubt one of the most misused, misquoted and misunderstood scriptures today, though we have a plethora to choose from!

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Judging Rightly-The Rest of the Story…

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  • Did Yeshua (Jesus) really teach us not to Judge?
  • Whom, What, Where and Why?
  • Confusion or Order?

Judging Rightly uncovers the Rest of the Story from Matthew Chapter 7

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