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” My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things that I have made touching the King:My tongue is the pen of a ready Writer.” Psalm 45:1

If I ever chose to write about my life it would read more like a Soap Opera than anything else! Surely we have all been through life’s ups and downs, but one thing remains constant, and that is our Abba Fathers amazing love for us, and His constant care, because after all, we really need it!


I learned that My Intercession is for “Lost Churches” yes, I said lost! I was so confused, astounded, and just numbed by the though of that, I couldn’t get my head wrapped around the concept, I mean how can a Church be lost?


When Holy Spirit began to lead me during prayer, and after several years of doing what I thought was right, He pulled me back from the main stream, to take me to a much deeper place. In that place I first learned many things about myself, most of which were not pretty, then He began to show me things from His perspective about not only myself but the body of Christ today, and through a ten year process allowed me to experience and witness things within the body of Christ that would rock most people to the core, Hence my real reason for being born~ to share those things that I have seen touching the King!

This is how the book “Arise Sleeping Giant” came into being, through much prayer, fasting and studying, and just being in the presence of The Mighty One!

We must return to True Biblical Teachings and the foundation of our Faith!

I pray that we all have the strength to stand in the evil day, and to live with Yeshua (Jesus) forever!

I do look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps meeting you in person one day. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment and or question.

~Many Blessings~


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Too Blessed to be Stressed?

How many countless times have we heard and even quoted this saying? To many to count I am sure, I don’t know who coined this phrase for Christians, but boy is it a doozie! 

    “Christians declare they are better than Yeshua?”

There are so many of these little things we say and confess out of our mouths that we honestly believe, and they just leave a very bad stench in the air around us. 

It’s like walking behind someone who forgot to put their deodorant on before they left home, not very pleasant at all!

We begin to quote and believe stuff like this and it just shows how gullible we really are even after all the days and countless hours we spend in Church. 

There is no person alive who can claim to be so blessed they have no stress! Fear is a form of stress, and every human feels fear at one point or another in their lives, so this is a ridiculous statement at best! 

If a person is too blessed to be stressed, then they are better than all the people in the Bible and on the earth, including Yeshua ( Jesus)! 

It’s only going to take one of many accounts in the Bible to prove it. We find the story in several accounts, but in Luke’s account we get the picture of what is happening from a Physicians point of view & knowledge.

We see Yeshua (Jesus) in turmoil, and in agony anticipating what He must soon endure.  He is so stressed in fact that He literally sweats like drops of blood! It takes Luke a Doctor to recognize this phenomena as recorded in this gospel.

Luke 22:44

There is a medical phenomena called “Hematohidrosis” in which sweat can contain blood.  

42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me; still, let not my will but yours be done.” 43 There appeared to him an angel from heaven giving him strength, 44 and in great anguish he prayed more intensely, so that his sweat became like drops of blood falling to the ground.” CJB

Just from this one account we can clearly see that even Yeshua as earthly flesh endured suffering, sorrow, pain and stress. Yet, He was endued with power from on high, filled with the Spirit of the living God, He was and Is the only begotten Son of God made flesh and a sacrifice for all mankind!

If He can be stressed in such a way, then it only stands to reason that we can be also  as human flesh. Hebrews 5:7-9

“During Jesus earthly life he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the One who could save Him from death, and He was heard because of His reverence. Although He was a Son He learned obedience from what He suffered, and having been made perfect He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him…” BSB

To say that we are too blessed to be stressed is literally like stating that we are greater than all the saints, all mankind and even Yeshua the Messiah all rolled into one!      

  Yeshua told us that in this world we would have trouble, but not to fear for He has overcome the world. John 16:33

“No one has ever been too Blessed not to be Stressed!

 Just a little leaven, leavens the whole lump! Galatians 5:9

Luke 22,MT. 26,Mark 14, John 18, Hebrews 5:8-9, 2 Corn. 7,4,6…


Be Blessed!

Short Version

We have heard, spoken, decreed and declared this word, but how often have we stopped and really looked into the true meaning of this excessively used  term known as the word “blessed.”

We have been taught for a long time now that we are

“too blessed to be stressed”

But is this an actual biblical view, or is this like many others of its kind actually a misunderstanding of scripture? Yes, it is very misunderstood, and I am going to tell you why in another short writing.

Like many common words in our “Churched” dialect this word has been distorted & misused  because of a lack of understanding.

We have heard it quoted from the mouths of the famous televangelist that our God wants to bless us “if” we will just sow our “seed” of dollar bills (of course) in order to receive all these “blessings.”

I guess it never occurs to them or us that we should bless our creator for speaking His blessing over us from the very beginning, then to realize that the greatest of “blessing” isn’t about earthly possessions!

When we hear the word “blessed” our fleshly minds automatically assume more money, bigger houses, new car, clothes, shoes etc… That just shows how carnal our minds really are, even after all the hours we spend in Church! ( A whole other sermon!)

“We are all about getting our flesh happy,but our God is all about getting our Soul happy!” 

We just need to slow down sometimes long enough to get the Bible out read it for ourselves, and ask the Author of the book to please give us understanding.

Often times we assimilate this word “blessed” with “prosperous” and “wealthy” but are they really the same?

That is what I wanted to find out once God brought this subject to my attention some years back.

We are amiss to think that we can understand the depth of meaning in the scriptures using merely our English translations, which is exactly what happens in most cases.

We must refer to the Hebrew and the Greek in order to fully grasp the depth of meaning and understand from its foundations if you will, their true meaning.

So, what are we saying exactly when we speak, hear and ask God to bless us? You are going to be Surprised!

The Hebrew word for Bless, Blessed is: Barak- (Baw-Rahk) Literally meaning to kneel, or to bow down, to praise and or worship namely of our ( G-d).  We should be blessing our God in praise and worship and thankfulness! Asking God to strengthen us in our weakness, and blessing Him for giving us power and strength.

Very different from the popular teaching that to be blessed or get a blessing is of a monetary nature, in actuality it’s more spiritual in nature than physical. Though He (God) has spoken the “Blessing” over all of His creations at the time He created them, and that carries with it fruitfulness and prosperity as we have learned also what true prosperity is in my previous post.

Gods blessings for us are of power, strength,to endue with power for success, prosperity, fruitfulness &  longevity.

  A blessing from G-d is to be empowered to do what is not within our natural capabilities.

To pronounce a blessing over someone is to speak God’s Word over that person, not our own words that hold no spiritual value. In the Bible we find many accounts of a blessing being spoken over the people or persons, the blessing is actually scripture, not idle words.

It is not asking Him to lavish us or another person with a new BMW, Mansion, or help us win the lottery, sorry folks that’s purely flesh & sadly just part of the show!

Also it’s interesting that the word “happy” also carries this connotation of being “blessed” though it carries a much deeper meaning as well and will be an interesting study.

We should keep the true meaning of the word “Blessed” in mind the next time we hear or speak it and know that we are truly “Blessed” to worship and praise our God, and receive from Him strength in our weakness!

Does God want us to prosper and be in good health? Of course! Does He want us to attain wealth?

Most certainly and we will dive into this “wealth” word next, so stay tuned…

Just a few references

Gen. 1:22,28 Gen.2:3,5:2

Ex. 23:25,Numbers 6:22, Duet. 10:8

Luke 6:28


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The Lords Prayer?

Countless times we have heard that the Lords Prayer  is found in Matthew 6, but is it?

If we take a closer look at this scripture we find this is not the case at all, what  a surprise!

Matthew Chapter 6  is a part of a set of  instructions on how we are to live and conduct ourselves, spiritually, morally, and socially, better known as the “Beatitudes.”

What we do find is a  “model”  of how we are to pray.

Let’s take a closer look at these instructions from Yeshua (Jesus) starting in verse 9 with the model prayer…

” Our Father in heaven( acknowledgement of God’s supremacy), hallowed be your name

( Confessing honor), your kingdom come, and your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. ( Confessing God’s sovereignty, giving over our will to His.)

Give us today our daily bread ( asking for sustenance this applies to spiritual food as well, His Word).

Forgive us our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors.

( this is not only physical debt, but spiritual debt as well.)

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”

( God tempts no man, confessing that Satan is “tempter”.)

This can also be translated as one who is tempted to do evil, but stands their ground against it. Temptation is not the sin, giving into its evil is the sin.

God does  allow us to be “tested”  but He himself does not “tempt” to do evil.

This is another great word study “tempt” and I would love to cover this topic as well in the near future keep looking for it!

The actual “ Lords Prayer” is found in John 17, when our Lord prayed to the Father just before His crucifixion.

We see 3 distinct prayers that Our Lord asked of the Father just before His arrest.

  1. He prayed for Himself: That His glorification be complete as He gives His life, and returns to the Father.

2. He prayed for His Disciples: That God would protect them from the evil one, Satan.

3.  He prayed for all believers: That they would be one, as He and His Father are one.


So, just like this idea most often the things we hear are “misconceptions” that we tend to believe because we simply have not taken the time to study out the things we hear.

Let us be partakers in our own understanding. I look forward to sharing more short studies just like this one!


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