Get Ready! Romans 11


If you’re not ready, get ready for the Return of the King!

Want to know what happens before that? The greatest awakening since time has began! The Awakening of the Jewish people, once the time of

“the gentiles” is over!

That time is fast approaching beloved, and we must be ready , as ready as we possibly can be before our Messiah returns to this Earth!

It is high time as the Midnight hour approaches for the Wise to fill their lamps with oil awaiting the King arrival!

The earth is in birth pains, as Yeshua sits on ready to return and claim all that He paid for with His blood!

Let us repent, and return with purpose, drive and determination to be the workers in the harvest fields, for night is coming swiftly that no man can work!

Oh, we should get happy about that- people of God, we should be jumping with joy, and beaming with pure elation! That our King is sitting on ready to come to us, and have the Governments of the World upon His shoulders!

But, before that happens, we know that we are in the Apostasy phase, and it will get much worse, the love of many has already waxed cold, the exodus from the Truth is on the upswing, we must be more resolute than ever to continue to walk in the Truth, and to help others along the way.

It’s an exciting time for sure, Just think about it, we are Bible Prophecy being fulfilled, it very well could be our Children or our Grandchildren’s generations who will see the King coming in the clouds, and for all we know it could be us!

Let us prepare now, so we are not caught unawares when He comes like a thief in the night!

Be Ready!