Raba – Hashem

I want to share with you an experience I had not long ago during my personal Praise and Worship time.
I began to repeat a the phrase “ Raba-Hashem.” I want to share with you what that means and it’s significance.

The word “Raba” In the Hebrew means an extreme Thank You, not just your everyday common courtesy, but a thank you like someone just saved your life! Remember the One who did, His name is Yeshua!

“HaShem” Literally means ” The Name” which is used in place of “YHVH” or the Name of G-d in the Hebrew. Remember that the Hebrew do not refer to Him as God as we do but as “The Name” or G-D.
This is the way they may refer to the Creator as the Supreme being by not lowering Him to the same standard as any other god, or better translated since He has no equal-the god(s) of this world, so as to distinguish Him from all other god(s).

So, as I am praising and worshiping, I am really in essence giving and extreme thank you to “The Name” the one who is above everything and holds all power and authority for making a way of reconciliation by sending the reconciler , His Son Yeshua for all mankind!