Psalm 27:1

 King David was chosen by God for greatness, just like we are chosen for great works in the kingdom of God, now it may not be as grand as being chosen to be King over Israel, but hey anything is a good thing in God’s kingdom, Amen?
Well, Satan did not want David fulfilling his destiny in God, because he wanted to steal Gods glory, but he couldn’t do it we found out, and he never will!
Remember that if Satan can keep us confused and going around the same mountain over and over he can keep us from finding or fulfilling our call of greatness.

Early in his life he slayed a giant that the armies were so afraid of, he with his fearless heart and youth on top of that went head on with the giant and killed him, David had a fearless heart in that he did not fear men, he feared the one who had the power to kill the soul! That would be the same God that you and I serve, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
This word fear in this context literally means “Awe” as in respect.

Now, just like all of us David was human and so though he was beloved of God and chosen to be King, he made some bad choices and bad decisions that caused him tremendous pain in his life.

Like us he too had to suffer the consequences of those choices, but God never left him, never abandoned  him, and always came to his rescue just like he does for us. There were times when David did fear for his life obviously from men trying to kill him, but that is just the flesh being moved by what it cannot control.

His steadfastness to repent and seek God no matter what won out in the end, and God always rescued him.

So David say’s whom shall I fear? The Lord is my “light” or Sun, or Light in the darkness around him. He is my salvation, in other words no man nor demon nor Satan himself can steal that from David, for it is a gift from God and only He can take it from us.

He Says the Lord is the strength of his life, in other words no one can take his life unless God say’s so, and even if they did they could not touch His soul. The Lord is the strength of my life – The support of my life. Or, in other words, He keeps me alive. In itself life is feeble, and is easily crushed out by trouble and sorrow; but as long as God is its strength, there is nothing to fear.

Of whom shall I be afraid? – No one has power to take life away while He defends me. God is to those who put their trust in Him a stronghold or fortress, and they are safe.

So let this Psalm of David be a comfort to you and your family that no matter what you are facing remember God will never leave you nor forsake you!

Until next time,
Peace be Yours