Prince of the Power of the Air



Who is this Prince of the power of the air, and what exactly does that mean?

Satan or the ” Adversary” is the Prince of the power of the air, according to  Eph. 2: 2-3

Remember that Satan is the Father of rebellion and disobedience, or those who have the Anti Christ spirit.

This Spirit that is “against Christ” is an Anti Christ spirit, not necessarily one entity or as we know “Satan” but any spirit that is against Christ.

Satan is a created being, and so he was created with certain power and abilities like all of us right? God does not take back the gifts that are placed within us according to Romans 11:29-31. His gifts are “irrevocable.” So those same gifts are still in operation even with Satan and working in the “realm” or “air” the he has control over.

Remember that our gifts and abilities can be used for good, or evil it’s our own choice because God gave us the freedom the choose. God did not create Satan, he created Lucifer, it was not until he rebelled against God’s authority that he became Satan or the lawless one, instead of “light bearer” or Lucifer.

According to Scripture there are distinct realms, or what would be better translated as “spheres of influence”  one realm is where God is seated, There God is God who sits on His throne and has no equal, the scriptures tell us that Yeshua sits at His right hand awaiting His time to return. So in this realm Satan has no authority, no say, and no power!

We often forget that Yeshua Himself also had to face Satan and win against him before he began his earthly ministry.  The bible tells us the He “Yeshua” was led into the wilderness by the spirit of God, to be tested of the devil.

Luke 4:6 tells us that Satan took Yeshua and said I will give you all the kingdoms of this world if you will but bow  down and worship me.

Yeshua of course replied ” it is written you must worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.”

But, Satan chooses to worship only himself. He was not happy being in the presence of God, he wanted to be like God. So he rebelled and took 1/3 of the Angels in heaven, which we now know as “demons.”

God did not create “Satan” He created “Lucifer” or “light bearer.” It was pride that caused Satan to be puffed up with himself and think he could win a match against the creator, well he found out he was not strong enough, he was cast out from the presence of God and into another “realm.” He has power in this realm and he has influence over some things in this realm.

He is also the prince of Demons, so he is ruling over those that chose to rebel against the creator.

Satan is not the counterpart to God, he is a created being with limited abilities and limited power. He wanted to be God remember, but he is not! He is the great imitator but not the creator!

We have many accounts of Satan’s influence in this realm around us, but one of the ones I love is the account of Daniel and his fasting and prayer. Daniel 10

We find that the Prince of Persia ( a Demon) withstood the angel sent with the message or answer for Daniel to his prayers for three weeks!

The angel said he had to have help from Micheal to get through, now that had to be a battle royal! Satan did not want that answer getting to Daniel obviously!

Where is this realm of Satan’s power? It’s the atmosphere around us, the unseen world that most of us are not privy too, and thanks be to God for that, it would drive us insane literally!

This is not to be confused with the heaven where God sits, and Yeshua is by His side awaiting his time to return. This is a battle zone in the unseen realm, a constant war going on for the souls of men! in this realm angels and demons battle over the plans of God.

Eph. 6:12 tells us we war not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual wickedness in high places…” we have many scriptures that tell of the spiritual battles that we fight.

His powers are of persuasion if you will, and being such a wise creation he was able to dupe Adam and Eve out of their authority as well. Remember that he tricked them into questioning God’s Authority and as a result all three of them, Adam, Eve and Satan lost out in the end!

The Bible tells us that Satan is the father of lies, that he is a murderer and a thief, these are his characteristics, and we see this same influence in the world today because of Satan’s rebellious nature.

We have been given authority over him by the sacrifice (the blood) of Yeshua ( Jesus), and through the power of the Holy Spirit to use the Word of God against him. The only thing that works against the adversary is “The Written Word of God!” Remember that Yeshua himself spoke only “it is written” in reply to Satan.

In order to possess this power over him, we must be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit of God, that is where our backbone is if you will. We have no authority over the enemy otherwise.

Ezekiel 28 talks about Satan, his creation and his fall.

God is clear if we are not for him, we are against Him. I don’t know of anyone in their right mind who would want to be in that position, well other than Satan obviously!

None the less many people are in this catagory whether knowing or unknowingly. Because there is no invisible fence, your in or out, on or off, it’s totally up to us which one!

Remember to use the power against Satan, the adversary whenever he tries to pull the wool over your eyes, and tell you lies.

When he reminds you  of your past, you remind him of his future! His fate is sealed he has not chance, unlike us as long as we have breath in us we have an opportunity to turn from our sins and be restored back to God. Amen!

Isn’t our God a good, good God?

Mt.4:8-9, Luke 10:19,2 Corn.4:4,Hebrews 2:14…












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