Heavenly Father really does know best!


When God instructed Moses and Aaron to Quarantine those who were sick and afflicted with various contagious diseases, He really did know best!

It wasn’t until after the Black Plague or Bubonic Plague that it was noted that millions of lives could have been saved had they used these God-given instructions.

During this devastating outbreak of the 14th century those that were sick and the dead who had died of this disease along with the living were kept in the same rooms, thereby unknowingly spreading this plague like wildfire!

During this time they attributed the spreading to “evil spirits” but if they had kept God’s laws or better yet instructions on how to handle these outbreaks millions of lives would have been saved.

Arturo Castiglione an Italian born American medical historian  wrote about this in a an article he said “ the laws against leprosy in Leviticus chapter 13 may be regarded as the first model of sanitary legislation

In Leviticus chapters 13-15 we find God’s laws or instructions on how to keep these things from spreading by quarantining those who are sick.

I am sure you have heard the idiom ” avoid that person like the plague!”

We could and should take the same stance against the enemy of our soul, just like the plague, we should avoid the evil of the enemy and his wicked plans!

1 Thess. 5 tells us to avoid wickedness and even the appearance of evil!

Yeshua said that He is the way, the truth and the life, and He gave us and accurate depiction of Satan and his plans for us in John chapter 10.

The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure.” John 10:10 CJB

Hmm…  I guess God our Father really does know best!

Let’s remember to treat the enemy like the plague and avoid his evil traps!

Blessings to you!



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