Let Your Voice Touch Someone!

Blessings all,

I pray that you are well and enjoying the rest of your day as we get ready for the week-end, well for most of us have the week-end off… well at least from our 9-5’s!

Anyway, as I was riding home from work I thought about my baby brother and that I hadn’t heard from him in a while. With our busy hectic lives sometimes it’s months at a time that we don’t  get to see each other and actually talk, usually it’s big family event days that most all of us get together.

For some families it seems to work best this way with all the drama, but we are very blessed and fortunate that most of us get along really well, and we love seeing each other and spending time together.

I thought about how in our microwave society that we very rarely have an actual conversation anymore, like the old days of just picking up the phone and making an actual call.

We use our texts or social media to connect with the world, and most often our own families. How big of a difference could we make in the life of a loved one, friend or family member we hadn’t seen in a long time just by picking up our phone and actually using them as a phone, and making a call? Just to touch base, say hello how are you, and let the person know you are thinking about them.

The old timers use to say to “stop and smell the roses” that sure was some good advice, and definitely lost in our society today where everything is rush, rush, rush!

So, I am going to reach out and touch someone this week-end with my voice, how about you?

I hope this has helped you to see the need to slow down a bit, reach out, touch someone you care about this week-end.

You can also hear this segment on my Station on Anchor!



Have a blessed and great Day!




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