Growing under the Glory!


This morning I was reminded that we need to let God do the vindicating, and fight our battles! I was faced with a situation where my flesh wanted to jump in and take over when this sudden calm came over me, and I was reminded that hey, it’s not your battle anyway!

So many times we forget this small but powerful tid – bit of information, that we are not to war in the flesh, and our battle is not with the flesh, but with principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. I so needed this reminder as we all do from time to time.

You know, we are only changed from glory to glory, and every moment that we allow Holy Spirit to take over and do that battle for us, we have just grown, and been changed with that glory. Like the greater power of glory known as the “Kabod” of God, or that weightiness and heaviness of Gods glory, this is the same glory, just in a smaller dose!

I am so glad that God reminds us to allow Him to be in control of our emotions, that soulish realm where we have no business living as believers in Elohim!

I went to Psalm 24; and read where God is the victor in every battle, and we need to allow Him to take over every time our flesh wants to rise up, and control a situation so that we can grow just a little more in that glory!

So go ahead, and bask in His glory just a few moments longer today!




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