Arise Reviews

By Sharon Wallace

This book delves deep into the causes of the weakness of the church today. How can we revive the church and bring her back to the power that lies within her? This book gives a wealth of insight into how the church has fallen and become powerless, and what she must do to be the light to the world she was intended to be. It is straight to the point and gave me plenty to think about. A bit of humor is thrown in, just to break the heaviness of the message. Be prepared to be shocked and saddened but with a determination to make a difference. You will want to take this in small bites with a lot of reflection. When you have come to the end, you will want to keep this book handy to review again.


By C Black

Author Tammy Gilstrap has done an amazing job of bringing the Church to a place of accountability with her book Arise Sleeping Giant! This book is full of Scriptures (most are written out for those who read on the go like myself). My experience with reading Arise is that you have to view it as a “buffet”, by that I mean you can’t possibly eat and digest this entire message in one sitting, you’ll have to take a few bites, chew on it a little bit, digest that before going back for more. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! But, I must warn you…if you don’t want to be challenged to come out of the “status quo” and start being the Church (the body of Christ)instead of just going to church, don’t read this book!! If you’re ready for a change, then by all means READ THE BOOK!!!

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Roy Colburn:  I highly recommend this book by Author: Tammy Gilstrap.

It is a must read for the church today so get your copy, I got mine!

Author: Roy Wayne Colburn and my new book is “Patty’s smile.


If you can stand the Truth then this book is for you! Now if you can’t take the Truth you might just choke because the words are powerful and raw, the words are raw and go down into the spirit of the man. If you are Sleeping it is time to come up out of your SLUMBER and be a “Giant” and not a grasshopper!
I would recommend this book highly for your library!

Pastor Myra Pearson- Manning, SC

Apostle Tammy, as you know I have read your book and am honored to say that you are a “mouthpiece” for our heavenly Father for such a time as this! If only our hearts, ears and eyes were opened to the Truth! Thank God for Holy Boldness breaking out across this Land!

Evangelist Evelyn Murray Drayton

That was on Amazing book! AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME! So enjoyed it, and it is a HUGE eye opener to the Christian body today. I promoted it highly back when I finished it and even did some “quotes” from it. I will continue to promote it and can’t wait to read more of her work!

Melissa Wilson


Tammy, your book is a must to read material for today’s church. There is a need for us to return to our first love and continue with valid apostolic teachings. Thank u for the courage and determination to stir us up to do so.

Apostle Daniel M. Deisrael

I bought her book and it is awesome and a message the church needs to hear today! She is an awesome writer and you will be truly blessed!
Evangelist Roy Colburn

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