Commit Your Day

The Lord our  God is able to keep that which we commit unto him, the million dollar question…

Is God obligated to keep what we have not or will not commit unto Him?

Hmm… Something seriously to consider!

God is still waiting on us not vice versa. He has already committed himself to us through Yeshua. 

His sons sacrifice is the proof of that committment. Most often we fail by not first committing our all and everything to the God we claim to trust and believe in, kinda backwards isn’t it?

The answer to the million dollar question is: No! God is not obligated to keep that which we have not or will not commit unto him first.

The failure then is on our part, not His! 

What if we began our days by commiting them unto God, what kind of difference could a day make?

How much failure could we avoid in a day just by commiting it to God first, He cannot fail therefore we cannot fail! 

Wow, how great would it be to walk out a day with peace and assurance that You cannot lose today because God never lost,and never will!

Try it, let us as the Church begin to walk out what we preach, act upon and activate the living Word of God today in our lives, and watch our  creator’s handiwork on our behalf!

Join me soon on a fascinating word study as we dive into just exactly what the word “commit” means, you’ll be surprised!